RamKCorp Systems

Web Development

At one point Web Development was all about the design of websites to provide companies internet presence. Most of the time websites were static and lacked interactivity. As technologies have evolved, websites have become more dynamic. Also, the direction that the software industry has been heading to is changing software applications to the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. A user can now access and run application through the internet browser.
RamKCorp Systems® is on the leading edge of this technology. Using the latest programming tools such as ColdFusion, Flex, Java and others, we are able to provide our customers web development that can be internet presence websites or as web applications accessible both from inside or outside of the organization.
Web based applications can be hosted in remote co-locations. This alleviates the burden of having to house the application in-house and assigning the resources to maintain the applications’ systems.  RamKCorp Systems® has the skill sets to provide such solutions and thus maximizing efficiency and minimizing the cost of ownership of software applications.